About BHI

The History

BHI is a Limited Company formed by Bromsgrove Doctors to provide a state of the art Medical Centre for our patients in the centre of Bromsgrove, Worcestershire.

St Johns Surgery and Churchfields Surgery started early discussions in 2003/2004 about the possibility of finding a site that would accommodate both surgeries in one building. It wasn’t until the end of 2005 that a two acre site was identified, which at the time was land surplus to the needs of the newly built Parkside School. In January 2006, the proposed health centre project finally received outline support of both the District and County Councils together with that of the Worcestershire Primary Care Trust who agreed to support the provision of General Medical Services from a new building based on the surgeries’ robust business plan, which demonstrated service need and how it was to be delivered but also significantly demonstrated it was a value for money building project.

As the project progressed a local dentist; physiotherapist; nursery; optician and pharmacy were approached as potential tenants. Also as both the surgeries are recognised teaching practices, Birmingham Medical School agreed to rent rooms for student teaching.
It soon became obvious that the project was complex with many hurdles to jump and not without risk of collapse, exposing the doctors to considerable financial liability.  The doctors from the beginning wanted to keep the development, its future running and use of the building firmly under their control which led to the formation of Bromsgrove Healthcare Innovations (BHI) Ltd in July 2007.

BHI Ltd raised the bank finance of £9million for the project and the completed project has resulted in an impressive landmark building now known as BHI Parkside.

BHI Parkside finally opened its doors in May 2011 to provide state of the art facilities for patients and users and is designed to provide one of the best multi-use primary care medical centres in the country.  The building has attracted both medical and non medical people who either want to use the conference facilities or work in the building and BHI Parkside continues to provide a valuable asset to the Bromsgrove Community, providing comprehensive services for its users.

The BHI Team

Sarah Chamberlain
Business Manager
Lindsey Sharp
Assistant Business Manager
Mark Young
Facilities Manager
Annie Griffiths
Cheryl Wardle
Jo Crawley
Sarah Green
Tina Andress
Les Coombes
Site Facilitator
Douglas Webb
Site Facilitator
Christian Baker
Site Facilitator

Directors and Executive Board

Dr Chris Heath
Chairman & Executive Director
Dr Ian Morrey
Executive Director
Dr John Hall
Executive Director
Dr David Pryke
Executive Director
Dr David Hughes
Dr Abby Hawkins
Dr Alison Griffiths
Dr Ann Fellowes
Dr Phillip Clamp
Dr Psyche Bailey
Dr David Law
Dr Claire Laxton
Dr Mike Leci
Dr Barry Bywater
Andrea Williams
Executive Manager
Conference Facilities
More than a medical centre…first class conference facilities.

BHI Parkside, a state-of-the-art Medical Centre, which has been designed to be the best of its kind in the country, is able to offer first class conference and training facilities.
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Clinical Room Facilities
BHI Parkside can offer State of the Art Minor Operating, Consulting and Treatment Rooms for Hospital Specialists and allied Healthcare Practitioners.

We provide total flexibility – your own minor operating/consulting/treatment rooms when you need them.
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BHI Facilities

Parking Info

Car Park Tariffs
Charges apply Monday to Friday & Saturday*
up to 15 minutes
up to 30 minutes
up to 60 minutes
up to 90 minutes
up to 2 hours
up to 3 Hours
Over 3 Hours
*Saturday (max fee)


THERE ARE NO ANNOUNCEMENTS AT PRESENT. IF you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to get in contact with the bhi team. Thank you.