Primary Care Network

Bromsgrove Primary Care Network

Bromsgrove and District Primary Care Network was set up by 9 local practices to ensure that good standards of healthcare are available for our local community.

Within the Bromsgrove District we look after the needs of more than 77,000 residents and as a collective, we are able to focus on providing the best services for our patients.  This also enables our practices to be managed efficiently, effectively delivering the right service and best value from our budgets.

At the start of the Covid 19 pandemic we were able to quickly and effectively change our day to day working model to a Hub model, covering all areas of the District. We enabled our teams to be able to work remotely and digitally so we were still able to provide a good service to our patients via telephone, video call or visits to our local hubs.
As a Primary Care Network, we are developing a wider range of primary care services to our patients, this includes physiotherapy, social prescribing and extended access. We will be the footprint around which integrated community-based teams will develop, we also need to forward plan and take a proactive approach to our local population. This involves assessing the needs of our community and identify people would benefit from targeted and proactive support.
Bromsgrove Primary Care Network Practices
•   Barnt Green Surgery
•   Catshill Surgery
•   Churchfields Surgery
•   Cornhill Surgery
•   Davenal House Surgery
•   New Road Bromsgrove Surgery
•   New Road Rubery Surgery
•   St Johns Surgery
•   The Glebeland Surgery
Bromsgrove Primary Care Network Practices
·   Dr Edward Barrett – Chairperson and Director
·   Dr David Hughes – Clinical Director
·   Dr Ian Morrey – Clinical Director
·   Dr Jeremy Clarkson - Director
·   Dr Anita Jackson – Director
·   Dr Rachael Walker – Director
·   Dr Pamela Smith – Director
·   Dr Saadat Hussain – Director
·   Dr Nicola Miskin – Director
·   Dr Robert Krick – Director
.   Dr William Dowley - Director

The PCN is currently working with a local provider to deliver a physiotherapy service across the district – more information to follow
Social Prescribing
Social prescribing is part of a commitment to personalised care.

This means all people have choice and control over how their care is planned and delivered. Social Prescribing can support a range of people including:
•   One or more long term conditions
•   Needs support with their mental health
•   Lonely or isolated
•   Complex social needs which affect their wellbeing
We expect to be able to offer this service from September 2020
Extended Access
This will be provided to the population of Bromsgrove Primary Care Network with clinic and video call appointments. Services to include:
•   Blood tests
•   Blood Pressure checks
•   NHS Health Checks
•   Family Planning
•   Minor Surgery
•   Cryotherapy
•   Ear micro suction
•   Weight management support
•   Asthma and COPD Care
•   Diabetes Care
•   Medication reviews
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Conference Facilities
More than a medical centre…first class conference facilities.

BHI Parkside, a state-of-the-art Medical Centre, which has been designed to be the best of its kind in the country, is able to offer excellent conference and training facilities.
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Clinical Room Facilities
BHI Parkside can offer State of the Art Minor Operating, Consulting and Treatment Rooms for Hospital Specialists and allied Healthcare Practitioners.

We provide total flexibility – your own minor operating/consulting/treatment rooms when you need them.
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